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The Show

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The Foreword

Individualism, efficiency, speed, comfort, wealth, money: we participate in the frantic race of modern happiness. But what about real human contact, without technology or interface? Could it be that happiness lies in taking your time instead of in moving faster? In human contact instead of in material belongings? In creativity instead of in efficiency? And, most of all, in collectiveness instead of in individualism?

The Show

Four characters struggling with their every-day life. Then, through a series of unforeseen events, they are forced to help one another in order to stay alive: a first contact is made, a window opens. Through a concatenation of poetic encounters, suffused with emotions and humour, friendship is born. Gradually, the improbable group of characters collaborates to evolve and leave towards new horizons.

Presenting the Show

“ win^dow “ is a contemporary circus show, original and innovative through its theatrical approach, its poetry and its use of new circus apparatus. Created for the general public, the show lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes and can be performed in medium sized theatres all over the world. The show uses text and poetry, and was created in French, but a translation into English is on its way and will be presented in November 2016. Translations into other languages are also possible.


Our dear Team

Frédéric Barrette : Stage director

Claudel Doucet : Choreographer and acrobatic coach

Serge Belo : Set designer

Danaëlle Lareau : Costume designer

Raphaël D’Amours : Composer

Colin Gagné : Sound designer

David Desrochers : Lighting designer

Sylvain Béland : Technical director


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